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How To Heat A Room In This Chilly Winter!

Hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, fluffy blankets, and cozy nights in bed…Winter is almost over, but the chilliness of it is still there. When you’re spending most of your time at home — what with the harsh weather and the pandemic as well — you want to stay warm and comfy, and that is why duct booster fans and plug-in electric heaters or ceiling heaters exist! But sometimes, even when you have those, there is always that one cold room in the house. To make the most of wherever type of home heater you’re relying on for warmth in your house, you must make sure that you’re not making any mistakes. Your home is your sanctuary,

so make sure you keep yourself warm with these hacks on how to heat a room in the chilliest winters! 

1. Seal drafty windows

Cold air can be quite sneaky and could be the culprit behind any chilly room in your house. How? Well, check your windows and see if any of them is sealed properly. If you have any drafty windows, you can keep the air out by using a window insulator kit to cover the entire window.  You can replace weatherstrippings, use a draft stopper, reglaze the window panes, wrap it with film, or install interior storm windows to stop the chilly winter air from entering. There are plenty of options to seal every crack or gap in the house and make it cozier than ever.

2. Replace the furnace filter

Did the cold defeat your heater already? So how to heat a room in this cold winter? Take a look at the furnace filter first and see if it needs replacement. If the filter is worn out, your heater won’t work to its full potential, and even the air quality in your house will be so bad you’d start coughing! Get your heater a clear and clean filter and enjoy not only warmth but also high-quality air circulation. We advise you to change your furnace filter once a month or so.

3. Clean up the radiator

When was the last time you deep-cleaned the radiator? One month ago? One year ago?! Dust and dirt in between a convector radiator will prevent the heat from emanating and circulating properly in the house, explaining why some rooms are colder than others.

Also, make sure that no piece of furniture is blocking the radiator so that air can safely flow through. So yeah, you want a warm living room or get tips on how to heat a room? Clean the radiator!

4. Check for closed registers 

One of the common heating mistakes that people make is keeping a vent in the house closed. When you close off a vent to a room or the duct work experiences added pressure, the air that flows through the duct moves with more force than when the vent is open. That causes a drop in airflow and, of course, heat loss in the room or floor in your house. Check if any rugs or furniture items are blocking the vent while you’re at it!

5. How to heat a room: Try an electric toe kick heater

If no heater you tried could work on your house as you wanted or can’t afford a big heater, try the electric toe-kick heater; it is small and powerful, and you can control it with a quick switch. You can fit it into any hollow space, such as under kitchen cabinets or stair treads, to keep your floor and room warm. Plus, these small heaters won’t take up too much space, and you can pick where you want them. Pay attention to any mistakes you’re making in your house that are preventing heat from circulating. How to heat a room? Follow the hacks and check for any heating problems.