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How To Make Your Relationship Last? Here Are 7 Effective Ways!

You can be with a person for months or years, but relationships require maintenance, and you will often find yourself wondering how to have a healthy relationship, how to deepen your relationship with the man you love, and, in a general way how to improve your relationship.

These are common things that go through people’s minds, and as long as it is something that you see happening from both of you, it is also one of the signs of a healthy relationship – to try to keep the passion alive, and to try to keep that person by your side.

If you are the only one making efforts and compromising, however, it can work the other way around and your unmatched efforts can become one of the red flags in your relationship. Find out below about seven ways to improve your relationship!

1. Compliment Your Partner

You don’t need a relationship coach certification to be aware of the fact that healthy relationships are based on communication, and this works for the good things and the bad things.

Humans are experts in retaining the bad things they hear – that’s why you need about 20 compliments to make up for the harm done by a negative statement (which can lead to relationship anxiety). So, if there is something you like about your better half, be vocal about it and don’t be afraid to compliment your partner.

2. Prioritize Human Warmth

Touching and being touched by someone you love helps release the kind of endorphins that will make both of you feel good. When you are in a long-term relationship, you can end up forgetting to direct small gestures towards each other, and this is really important to make the other feel loved and valued.

Long-distance relationships also suffer from this issue, but that is why when the two of you are together you need to make up for the lost time. You always need to find time for intimacy, no matter how busy your day is.

3. Don’t Throw All The Blame On Your Partner

If every time something happens you blame your partner, or your partner blames you, this is a sign of a toxic relationship. If either one of you goes the extra mile trying to gaslight the other, this literally translates into an emotionally abusive relationship. Don’t let it get this far – you both need to communicate and try to address your own flaws before pointing them out on the other.

4. Be More Laid Back

If you ask a relationship coach how you can attract someone, they will tell you to become the one, and the one will show up. This is going to leave you with a lot of anxiety because you are going to be making an extra effort to become someone’s ideal person.

Don’t do it – just relax and be yourself, and someone who likes you for who you are will come along the way. The same works for relationships – you need to be laid back with the person you intend to share your life with, otherwise, what is the point of having someone by your side that just makes your life more complicated?

If you love someone you won’t care about their hair, or about what they are wearing – you are simply going to care about them as a whole and that’s all they really need.

5. Be A Fair Fighter

Everyone experiences conflicts and everyone fights, but the way this fighting is handled can draw the line between an abusive relationship and a healthy one.

If you are in a long-term relationship, you probably have figured out how to best handle each other’s personalities, and this is amazing, truly, the definition of relationship goals.

There is a deep-rooted need in any relationship for free communication – where you can be vulnerable and let out all the things that are going through your mind.

Establishing that confidence in each other is important in order to allow you to verbalize critical thoughts you might have without it becoming unpleasant, aggressive or disrespectable – basically, without starting a fight, but while still being able to stand your ground and make your point.

6. Know When To Argue

Not picking the best timing to have an argument is probably the opposite of what you should be doing when trying to figure out how to fix a relationship.

Simple things like not starting a discussion when one of you is feeling tired, because you will be more prone to feel irritated and be more unpleasant than you mean (which can be hard to take back and can create resentment).

Or having an argument while one of you is busy with something else and can’t devote a kind of undivided attention to the discussion – simple things that can make a difference when trying to meet your partner halfway.

7. Be A Good Listener

Being a good listener is at the core of any strong bonding relationship– because when arguing if you are more interested in answering than in actually trying to understand your partner’s feelings, this won’t create a healthy environment. There is a need to listen and to be heard, and that’s why you should establish turns when discussing feelings.