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Is He Over Me? 7 Signs Your Ex Still Loves You

Not many people can walk away from their past without wondering about it, from their decisions to their failed friendships or ex-lovers. Some things may be a part of the past, but they can still haunt us in the present. It’s normal to ask yourself if another person is also thinking of you, especially if it’s an ex-boyfriend of yours. After all, no matter how long it lasts, a relationship still consists of a deep connection, and that type of connection doesn’t just fade away because you want it to. Nobody is blaming you for thinking about this person.

However, instead of being anxious while wondering and assuming the worst, why don’t you look below to figure out the signs your ex misses you and wants you back.

1. He’s always on your DM’s

He’s what you call an active stalker, but it may be considered cute because it’s your ex. Things didn’t work out, but they might if there’s a second opportunity. He still thinks there’s a chance, and the feelings are there for him. If they weren’t, he wouldn’t be consistently messaging you. Remember that these messages could also be in the form of an argument. When people are too proud to express themselves in a healthy, respectful way, they might turn it into an argument, making you feel like you’re the guilty one while secretly expecting you to apologize.

2. He often asks you if you’re interested in someone

How to know if your ex misses you? Does he ask you if you’re seeing someone? Interest in a new guy? Still single? If he has asked you any of these questions, then he’s still hung up on you. He might try to make it sound casual, but deep down, he’s nervous about the answer to his question. He’s asking it while wishing for your answer to be no. This can be a chance to put everything on the table, and even if you’re not seeing someone, he’ll get the hint that you’ve moved on.

3. He tries to make you jealous

He’s not getting your attention, or the “positive” attention he wants from you, so what does he do? He decides to tease you. Posting pictures on social media with other girls, reposting other girls’ selfies, or even faking a relationship. People go to extreme lengths to cause any reaction to the other person. Whether it’s good or bad, they want to get under your skin because if they do, it means you still care. Is it something that a grown, respectable man does? Of course not, it’s incredibly childish to act like this, but it might be a way for you to talk to them, even if it results in a heated discussion.

4. He likes all your posts on the socials

Do you even need any more signs he has not moved on? He’s hearting all of the pictures he sees of you; it’s clear that he’s still very much in love with you and super attracted to you, hoping for a new beginning and a chance. And it’s not just the pictures of you. If you share a funny video, a thought, or a random meme, he’ll be there to comment and use it to start a conversation with you. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

5. He randomly texts you, remembering memories

One of the main signs taht show he misses you after breakup is if he keeps talking about your time together. From sending you old pictures of the places you’ve visited, a random picture of a stray cat you fed when walking down the street, or even expressing these situations through words. He’s trying to get on your soft side. Nostalgia is a feeling that humans enjoy feeling; it’s almost like a dose of Serotonin running through our body. He wants you to miss these times, and of course, miss him as well.

6. He “runs into you” unexpectedly

One time is an accident, two a coincidence, but three or more could be on purpose. There’s no way you keep running to your ex, and they keep giving the “small world” excuse. A lot of people plan on running into their exes so that they can’t escape them. It’s a little creepy when it’s done on purpose, and it should be stopped as soon as possible. But there are exceptions, for example, your ex may hang out at a specific cafe every day just because he knows how much you love going there. They’re not exactly stalking you or doing anything wrong. They’re just taking a chance, hoping to see you.

7. He talks to your friends about you

Let’s say you have friends in common, normally, if the breakup is not too bad, your friends could still be his friends too, just not exactly at the same time. So, it’s only normal that your ex may ask some suspicious questions about you to your friends after a breakup. How is she? Is she seeing someone? Did she say anything about me? These are justa few examples of the questions your ex may be asking your friends. If you want to know if he’s still thinking of you, talk to your friends first. Now that you’re aware of the signs he is not over you, you need to think about how you feel about it.

Do you feel the same way he does? Do you miss him as well? Can you see more than a friendship with this person? After you ask yourself these questions, talk to him about it. Even if you decide that you wish to move on, say it clearly for them to understand that it is over. This way, you can move on with your life, and they’ll do it too.