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Living 7 Surprisingly Mind-Blowing Uses Of Yogurt!

Yogurt is a simple, ordinary item you most likely buy for your household. After all, it’s easy to afford, cheap, healthy, and a great morning snack to help with hunger and thirst. However, even though yogurt is food by itself, it can be used in many yummy recipes such as crisp up rice and many other great recipes.

But we are here to talk about other household uses of yogurt that you might not be aware of. These tips don’t use yogurt as a food but as a cleanser, healer, and other amazing fun things, where you don’t necessarily have to ingest it. Curious? We thought so.

Let’s get right into the subject and keep reading if you’re wondering what to do with yogurt at home.

1. Face Mask

The most common and well-known use of yogurt has to do with skincare. A lot of people talk about and have experienced a great boost in their skin health like increased luminosity, smoothness, and anti-aging facial improvements due to yogurt. We keep spending so much money on beauty products that promise us things they can’t even do. Yogurt has a lot of benefits, and it smells amazing. There are many different facial masks, including yogurt that you can use depending on what you want to treat, making your skin look brighter and youthful.

Some plain yogurt (no mixtures) will do an amazing job tightening your pores and cleaning your skin if you leave it on for 20 minutes. If you feel like doing a revitalizing mask, consider adding other ingredients with yogurt-like orange juice and Aloe Vera. The combinations are infinite, make sure you google it and find what will work best for you.

2. Greek Yogurt Hair Mask

Continuing with the topic of beauty uses for yogurt, let’s talk about hair hydration. Did you know yogurt makes a great hair conditioner? Most specifically, Greek yogurt helps a lot with frizzy hair as well as repairing broken and damaged hair. Making it a great hair mask for every type of hair, curly, straight, colored, bleached, it doesn’t matter! It will do wonders to your hair, and due to its lactating and zinc acid, Greek yogurt, when massaged to the scalp can help your hair grow faster and stronger! And I bet it will be cheaper than other hair masks out there!

3. Soothe Sunburn

Oh no! You fell asleep at the beach with no sunscreen on. You already feel the pain without even seeing the actual damage. And once you take a look: surprise surprise, you have a large sunburn on your back. Sunscreen won’t do anything for the pain, but you should apply it if you still want to be in the sun. But after sunburn, all we want is a pain reliever and avoid the sun at any cost! However, you most likely don’t have any pain reliever or medical cream with you, but what you might have is a cold yogurt stored in your bag that was meant to eat later. Well, change of plans, yogurt is a great relief for sunburn pain. Not only adds necessary moisture to the dry skin, but the cold effect will numb the pain for a moment when you feel like it rinse it with cool water.

4. Itchy Scalp

That’s right. If you have allergies or a sensitive scalp, you might suffer from annoying itchiness currently. Plain yogurt might help you with this. All you have to do is leave it on your scalp for at least 15 minutes then wash. And because you’re already applying it to your scalp, apply it also to your entire hair, that way you’ll be taking care of your scalp but also hydrating and revitalizing your full hair.

5. Finger Paint

If you don’t feel comfortable having your kids paint and use regular paint, even the ones specially made for kids, yogurt might be a healthier and cheaper option! But how? It’s normally just white color. Well, have you heard about food coloring? If not, they’re probably on the baking section at your normal local grocery store. All you need is plain yogurt and foods coloring, mix each color with yogurt, and give it to your kids, they can paint and eat at the same time! No need to worry, plus it will be much cheaper than normal paint.

6. Brass polish

Enough with expensive cleaning products to help you with brass! If you have a certain object that you quite like, but it needs to be polished, the solution to this problem might be in your fridge/kitchen. Yogurt lactic acid removes tarnish from your object, leaving it shiny and brand-new looking. All you have to do is get a cloth and soak it with some yogurt and then get to rubbing!

7. Body Scrub

If you thought we were done with yogurt beauty hacks, you’re mistaken. As you know, yogurt contains lactic acid, when applied to the skin, this acid helps remove dead skin cells while tightening your pores at the same time. What is the result? Soft and smooth skin. It works on all skin types, no matter what race or age you are. The results will be noticeable.

For extra hydration, try to mix it with some olive oil (great for dry skin and helps with the appearance of scars and cellulite) and honey (it’s anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties will cleanse your skin preventing future pimples). Try this! Your skin will be brighter and healthier than ever! It’s not like you’ll be spending more money by trying these things. These are items you already have in your house, except you use them for its primary use: food. But now that you have learned all these things to do with yogurt, doesn’t it seem like a waste not trying?