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Stressed? 7 Ways To Get Rid Of It In A Snap Of A Finger

Stress is sometimes inevitable, but its degrees might differ and vary given the setting, factors, stimulators, and situations.

Sometimes, it could be worse than the stress attack that Deanna had in Life of The Party when she started sweating and dropping her papers while presenting her research.

Some people are just robust and strong enough to get through such situations, but others might be too fragile, they, therefore, need an online psychologist or a certified counselor online to help them.

Such people are trained and taught to listen to others and help them with whatever they are going through psychologically. Often, stress can be managed by taking natural remedies for stress, anti-stress vitamins, or stress relief supplements.

But there are ways that do not involve taking pills or meds to get rid of stress. If you get the chance to experience free psychological counseling online, it will be great. You may be introduced to natural stress relief ways.


Just let it out! Most psychologists sit for hours with their patients to listen to whatever they say. This is the number one rule in psychology: patients letting out and psychologists are all ears.

Sometimes, if you opt for free online mental health counseling, you will have to do the listening and the letting out on your own. How?

Take a piece of paper, grab a pen and jot down anything that comes to your mind: notes, thoughts, writing ideas, people’s names, places, plans….a random list of anything and everything. This is the process of unloading the stocks of thoughts in your mind to feel at ease and comfortable.


Here is another home therapy void of taking pills, supplements and meds: cooking. Grab those healthy cookbooks that you bought a long time ago. Take a cab or drive your own car to the closest supermarket, take a basket, tour the place, and pick all that you need; but not anything.

Take your time in choosing all the ingredients you need to use in preparing your dish. Try to cook something preferably healthy. Come back home, fix your meal slowly and serve it. Enjoy the exquisite meal you have fixed and be proud of yourself.

Once you are done, you will realize that stress is gone with the wind, maybe hiding from your positive vibes under the table. People swear by the effectiveness of cooking food as a therapy.


Some of those who experience stress on a frequent basis recommend using essential oils for stress and anxiety.

Of course, you are not going to drink oil, but rather massage your body with it. It is really helpful, especially when your massage is performed minutes before going to bed. Tightening muscles may be also effective for stress relief.

Back in 1920, a method of progressive muscle relaxation was developed. This method consists of tightening your muscles to relieve tension for 10 minutes, then take a break and relax for 20 secs. It is like the breathing in and out exercise.

The only difference is that your muscles will be the functioning parts instead of your lungs. You can use the same exercises to tighten facial muscles as well.


When you are stressed, your nerves will get likely out of control. This could result in catastrophes in given settings. That is why you need to keep things under control. Be attentive to the way you react to everything.

In certain situations, if you feel unable to react in the proper and correct way, it is preferable to not react at all. Bear in mind that you cannot change situations or settings, but you can control your reactions. To avoid falling in deep stressful seizures, it is advisable to react positively to negative events in your life.


What causes stress is the amount of thinking that your brain performs permanently. Think of your brain as the high way where cars are your thoughts. Because of traffic, you have no clue what do, so that you start feeling stressed.

You must have done a lot of research on how to stop racing thoughts. Take the label: ‘stop thinking, start living!’ as your life motto. When there is a lot going on in your head, your brain gets blocked.

Stop thinking for a while, before your brain explodes, by switching your focus to something that is less stressful and makes you feel comfortable.


Do you like singing, dancing, drawing, writing or anything else? Schedule an hour or two every day to give your brain a break from the excessive mental and intellectual processes it carries out.

This will be also useful when it comes to putting an end to that nonstop flow of thoughts in your head. Performing your hobbies is a moment when you do the things you choose and because you want to.

This generates feelings of happiness and comfort unlike when you are asked to do something under pressure, resulting in stress. All the negative thoughts will fly away because you will be more focused on your hobby.


According to psychologists and psychological papers, there is a way to reduce stress which involves swiping your lips, using your index finger. It may seem simple, but it has got a demonstrable effect on your nerves.

Your parasympathetic nervous system will be stimulated by the movement; in which case your index comes in contact with the nerves on your lips. Moreover, people might have different personal ways of dealing with stress.

They can just sit in a locked room, listen to music and stare in the wall. You can do the same if that would make you feel any better. If you have any chores to be done, you can perform them. By doing this, you will be diverting your attention.

The bottom line is that try to stay away from anything that causes stress. It could be a place, a book, a person, or anything at all. Even if you ask your psychologist, you will end up receiving the same tip.