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The 9 Horrible Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Laundry

From all of our home chores, most of us would consider laundry to be the easiest because obviously, what’s easier than putting a bunch of dirty clothes into the washing machine, add detergent, turn it on, and let the magic happens by itself.

Doing laundry should be considered as a hard task only if we were washing them with our bare hands. Oh boy, the past generations were suffering. So we may consider ourselves in luck, but still, we should be following a few rules to ensure our laundry to be washed in the right way.

Yes, we know what you are thinking about. You have been doing your laundry for years now and your clothes never looked better, but are you sure you have been doing it right this whole time?

Your outfits might be cleaner, softer, and smell incredible. But unfortunately, doing the same mistakes repeatedly with your machine will reduce the durability of your favorite shirt and PJ’s.


We usually wash our clothes in intensely high water temperature, but that leads them to lose their color and shape. So it is best to keep it at a lower temperature in order for your clothes to wear out slower.

Plus, cool and warm water can cope with clothes’ dirt the same way hot water handles it, especially if you have a good detergent and washing machine. However, the only clothes that should be wasted at 190°F are linen and towels for disinfection. The rest of your clothes will turn out just fine in lower temperatures.


The heavily soiled items will not be getting rid of their stains effectively if they weren’t presoaked. Plus, it is best if they are treated with a stain remover or carefully washed by hands before throwing them into the washing machine for the best results.

However, if you don’t want to use a stain remover, you can use another alternative:

  • One of the best cleansing agents for sweat stains is lemon juice.
  • A mixture of liquid detergent and vinegar can remove the grass’ traces.
  • A mixture of baking soda and water will clean the wine stains in a 3:1 ratio.


A large amount of detergent will definitely clog the detergent container, which will cause an unpleasant smell inside your machine and within your clothes. While a large amount of softener will make the clothes hard to rinse and the contrary of soft.

It is a must to read the dosages added on the packaging to prevent making these mistakes for a healthier washing machine and better clothes. However, never pour them in without your measuring cup. If you are thinking that your clothes are way too filthy for this dosage, then you can run two cycles or use the pre-wash mode.


The point of using a softener is making the fabric a lot softer and velvety, and also to facilities the ironing process. However, the softener will be decreasing the fabric absorbency with time, which is why it is a big no-no to use it on sportswear, towels, and any item that is made with elastane, microfiber or spandex.

I mean, yes, we are all addicted to softeners in a way that makes us a little obsessive because we really can’t resist that amazing smell and great softness of the fabric. But the “health” of our clothes matter a lot more.


When it comes to our delicates outfits, washing machines are not the right tool to wash them. The bra will quickly stretch and they will lose their shape, and the same applies to swimsuits and lace lingerie. So washing them by hands would be the better option.

However, nylon tights can actually be washed in the washing machine, but only if these following rules are applied:

  • Wash at 90°F.
  • Use a special detergent.
  • Low speed.
  • Turn them inside out.
  • Use a special washing bag where you can put them.


Bleach with chloride is an extremely aggressive agent that can affect the fibers and weaken them, which is why it is important to not overuse it with any materials, especially if you are washing lycra, elastane, and spandex. The bleach will make them lose their elasticity pretty quickly.

Here are a few tips that will help you protect them:

  • Never use fabric softener.
  • Wash with cool water only.
  • Never iron them.
  • Never put them in the dryer.


When it comes to Denim, their producers gave us a very radical opinion:

Not using the washing machine at all is important to preserve and protect the color for a longer time. But in case you don’t want to follow that, then you have to stay 2 to 6 months between each wash depending on the number of times you wear your jeans and your body’s characteristics.

For example, if you don’t wear your jeans constantly, then you can wait longer than 4 months to wash them, especially if you never stain them. But, if you wear more than once each week, then 2 months between every wash would be good.


When you dry your clothes incorrectly along with the mistakes you might have been doing while washing them will affect your clothes drastically and reduces their life. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Using automatic drying constantly will make your clothes wear out and lose their color a lot faster.
  • Never dry your thin, delicate fabrics in the dryer machine.
  • The woolen and knitted items will lose their shape, so avoid drying them in the machine.
  • If you overdry your clothes, ironing them will be extremely hard.
  • Remember to shake your laundry up before you hang it to prevent creasing and rumpling.

The best way to win at laundry is by drying clothes naturally. Hang them where air and sun can reach them and within a few hours, they will be dry, fresh, and incredibly clean.


Your washing machine needs to be cleaned every now and then because it collects the residue from the detergent, dirt, and anything related to what happens inside the washing machine.

Otherwise, they will be getting onto your clothes and add to them white stains with horrible smells. That means the washing machine will fail its main mission, which is cleaning them.

Here are the maintenance rules you need to follow:

– After the machine is done the washing, let it stay open in order to be aired.

– Get rid of the residual detergent that gets stuck in the door’s rubber gasket after every wash.

– Clean the detergent container.

– Once a month, put 1 tsp of detergent and 4 cups of vinegar inside the machine while it is empty and let it run. It is for disinfection and internal cleaning.