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The 9 Types Of People Who Will Never Make It At Work

If you still believe that success in the workplace can be only determined and achieved by these two essential factors, namely, knowledge and experience, then you are very wrong!

In fact, both of these factors are rapidly losing their relevance to success and many studies proved this by revealing interesting facts about success and exposed that higher socials skills and self-awareness are indeed responsible for almost 58% of people’s job performance and are massive detriments to their careers.

Unfortunately, those who lack these two important factors tend to stand out like zebras in a field full of horses. Eventually, they never make it at work despite their rich experiences, knowledge, and high intelligence.



This type of people can rarely make it at work and become successful! They are driven by the power of fear and tend to worry much about everything. They are scared to be blamed, scared to lose their job or get fired, and also scared of being called up for any mistake.

Eventually, they end up fearing everything and start acting irrationally and cowardly. They might even end up telling lies, point fingers at others and shift the blame to them in order to cover their own mistakes.

In brief, these people are not going to succeed and will always fail to stand up for what is right unless they are willing to change!


This type of people are highly negative and have the power to turn the world into a dark and miserable place with their passive thoughts and ideas. So, whenever they enter a room, they can literally suck the life out of it and impose their negativity and pessimism upon almost everyone they encounter.

These people will never make it at work because they always tend to look at the empty half of the glass!



Arrogant people will never learn and will never grow! They seem very confident but the truth is that they are only wearing a mask of false confidence that hides major insecurities.
According to a study carried out by Akron University, arrogant people are disagreeable, weak performers, and are struggling with more cognitive problems than average persons.


The group thinker is that type of person who would only believe what the group says its right and would always blindly follow their steps. He cannot think for himself! Unfortunately, people with such character never seem to achieve great things or be successful. They will be always prisoners of others thoughts and beliefs.


The short-changed people would always blame the people around them, time, life, circumstances and use them as an excuse for their lack of accomplishment. They can hardly realize that success is strongly related to one’s attitude, willingness, and a strong determination. They also ignore that their own attitude is what kept them still in one place and not the circumstances!


Temperamental people can easily get mad and lose control of their emotions. Hence don’t be surprised when they project their feelings onto you and accuse you of being their source of malaise.

However, If you can see a bit of yourself here, then, it’s the right time to change and grow to be a better person. Of course, you don’t wanna let such a stupid thing destroy what you have been working hard for all these years.

Temperamental people are found to be poor performers as their emotions cloud their judgment and eventually tend to act in inappropriate manners that tend to destroy everything beautiful in their lives, including their relationships.


These people love drama and they strongly believe that everything that happens to them is because of an outside force that they have no control over! They are always complaining and will make you think that they are the unluckiest people on earth and that life is being unfair to them!
These people will never succeed as long as they live with such horrible attitude!


Okay, the gullible people are often the newbies. They are always afraid to say no and scared to negotiate their salaries, or even question how things are done at work. Very simply, these people cannot stand up for themselves and I feel terribly sorry for them!

They prefer to babysit the boss’s kids or stay working late on the weekends as a way to get what they want, which never happens of course! Hence, they end up losing their self-respect and career too!


We are not saying that you shouldn’t apologize when you should, but apologizing often for no particular reason is a sign of weakness, lack of self-confidence and insecurity. These people struggle with the fear of failure and tend to use ‘’apology’’ as a safety net behind which they can hide!

However, what you need to keep in mind that acting in such a way can make you look weak and ur ideas cheap and unworthy. So, never ever apologize for your ideas and beliefs.

If you have something that you believe is worth sharing, then, share it with high confidence and focus on the tone of your voice and body language. let others be impressed!