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The Most Common Dreams And Their Interpretations That Will Change Your Life

Dreams create a new world of wonder, its ambiguous stories and all of its weird details are a dilemma that people have spent years and years trying to figure out. Technically, we have more than 100.000 dreams throughout our lifetime.

At least some of them should mean something, right? Some people believe that dreams can tell us about the future, and others believe that it is a spiritual being trying to contact us. In any case, no one knows why we dream or what those dreams actually mean.

Personally, thinking about my dreams makes me go crazy because they are always weird and mysterious, and sometimes, they come true. You are free to not believe me because I can’t believe me too, which is why I had to look for a professional opinion. What I’ve found amazed me and blew my mind.

Dreams are known to be the inner voices that are trying to make us aware of something, or they could just be our deep thoughts combined with what we experience during the day. In other words, they could mean nothing.

In any case, understanding them could open our eyes to new possibilities because after all: dreams come from the place our inner fears exist. So It wouldn’t harm to know their interpretation in a fun way.


This dream occurs a little way too much for a lot of people, especially woman. According to the dream expert, Lauri Quinn, if someone had a dream where he/she was being chased, then it is probably caused by a real life “fight or flight” situation, which means you rather run away from confrontation.

If you have this dream then maybe it is time to ask yourself: what am I running from? The lesson here is to stop running and avoiding things forever.

Staying away from things will not solve the problem, it will only bring anxiety and pain. If this dream occurred almost every night, then you have to face whatever is scaring you during your waking hours.


First of all, if you have dreams about our current president, then you may want to consider it more as a nightmare. Anyway, dreams about the president mean that you are capable to make the right calls when it comes to important decisions.

In other words, you can “govern” your own life. However, if the president was a helpful character during your dream, then you are managing life perfectly. If he was evil-minded, then it is a sign that you are misusing your authority.

Also, if he was in danger or ill in the dream, then you should start worrying about your power. The lesson here is you need to examine all aspects of your life before making any decision or taking charge of any project.


Any dream that is related to going back to school is directly linked to job stress. According to Lauri Quinn, the dream expert, being unable to find your class or locker is an indication that you are unsure about your current place at work or your career choices. Did you worry when the school bell rang? Then the time is running out in your career department in real life.

The lesson here is you may need a little time to think about your career and start to consider having a new job. Otherwise, find ways to be more helpful and supportive to your co-workers while finding ways where to use your creative side.


Dogs in dreams mean anything related to their characteristics: friendship and loyalty! So when you have a dream about a dog, try to examine all human relationships you have. Maybe you are around someone who is as loyal as a Labrador or as adorable as a husky.

The lesson here is that these dreams will be the mirror that reflects the true colors of your relationships. Maybe the dog is the clue of the level of your loyalty or the people that you need to let loose. It is up to you to figure it out.


Flying high in the sky is one of the best dreams. I truly wait for them to happen sometimes, and its indicator is very good, too! Flying in the sky means that you broke free from whatever was holding you down like a bad relationship, stressful job, or unfinished responsibility.

The lesson here is to be inspired by whatever you are doing in your real life. Feeling free and reaching new heights in life indicate a very good decision or action that you recently did. Just remember that the ability to fly high and achieve new things is possible and you should never let that feeling dies within you.


To have a dream about doing something “inappropriate” with someone who is not your partner rarely means an actual affair or bad intentions. It does, however, mean that there might be something getting in the way of your relationship, or your desires are well-hidden inside and are not getting satisfied in real life.

The lesson here is that this dream could be the fan that flames all the flaws of your current relationship. It may open your eyes to facts you were avoiding, which means it is time to face them and fix them before you feel left out.

Remember that relationships are all about communication and sacrifices, and I believe it is time you should discuss it with your partner.


Teeth in dreams are linked with communication and verbal words. If you had a dream where your teeth were falling off, then it could be an indicator that you have said something that shouldn’t have been said. The words should have stayed inside your mouth, where your teeth belong.

Another possible interpretation of this dream is the fact that you didn’t make your point in an argument well enough, or you didn’t say everything you needed to say.

The lesson here is to be careful with your words and everything you share verbally. You may end up hurting your loved ones or causing a dilemma between your co-workers. In all cases, remember to polish your words the same way you polish your teeth so they can both shine.


Opening your eyes, realizing that you are naked in public, and you can’t do anything about it. This is a classic dream that came to us all at least once in our lifetime. The meaning of this dream is that you are scared to appear vulnerable and exposed in your real life.

Once I had this dream the night before an important job interview. It reflected my fear of showing my flaws and mistakes that could be visible to them, thus, not getting that job.

The lesson here is to not focus on your “full exposure”, but to focus on the people in the dream who do not seem to care about your naked body. Yet, you are the only person freaking out.

Your mind is trying to reassure you that your fears are nothing but illusions in your head, and you are the only person who is giving way too much energy and thoughts to them.


Constant dreams about planes and flying somewhere new indicates a journey that you have high hope for, and it is mostly related to your career. Like a plane, careers are something that should take off, reach new heights, and take us somewhere new.

However, if the plane crashes in the dream, then it may reflect a big letdown that recently occurred. The lesson here is to examine your career choices, evaluate your current situations, and start to work hard for changing your path.

You are meant to achieve better things! Don’t let the turbulence worry you, though. It is time to change directions because your journey is starting now.


The death dreams are not always a signal that a person might actually pass away. Remember that dreams are only indicators of our inside thoughts and fears.

However, death dreams occur when something changed or ended in your life, for example, having a dream about a friend dying means that your relationship is changing, and mothers dream about their children’s death means that they have reached a milestone. Same thing if you had a dream about your own death.

The lesson here is to start accepting the fact that things change and life goes on. You might need to find the strength to let go of something that once was important, but remember that what’s coming might be even better.