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The Most Important Signs That You Have Actually Moved On!

Breakups are like car accidents but with emotional injuries only, and surviving these injuries take a lot of time and effort in order to heal properly.

Once you moved on, you notice many different things about yourself and that you have changed and grown to be a stronger human being because surviving a breakup is really not as easy as we see in movies.

Some breakups can be a life-changing experience, and we have to go through this harsh experience all by ourselves which makes the breakup even more brutal. But one day, you will notice that your ex has magically disappeared from your thoughts, and nothing compares to that little heartbeat you hear inside at that exact second.


In order to get over your ex, you have to unfriend and unfollow them from all social media, because with their status and updates coming up daily in your newsfeed, you will be constantly remembering them.

So if they are not in your social media, then good job! You are already moving on. But, if you find yourself not stalking their profiles or pictures anymore, then congratulations! Their life does not matter to you anymore.

Although sometimes, we feel curious to see what they are up to and whether they are dating someone else already or not, this curiosity comes from a place within that did not yet accept the fact that you moved on, and we advise you to not satisfy this curiosity no matter how much it begs, it will just bring back memories that may ruin your whole moving on process.


After a breakup, we find it hard to maintain a positive attitude towards life. We become pissed at anything and ready to burst anytime, especially if we hear something related to “love” and “relationships”.

But when we move on, we start to notice the trees and the birds again, a life we all appreciate and love. To feel generally upbeat is a really good sign that you moved on. You start to be kinder, and not as angry as you were.

Also, you will notice that there is nothing wrong with love and relationships, and you may even start considering it all over again. Nothing compares to feeling like YOU again!


If you find yourself able to hang out with people you both are mutual friends with, then it means you are going on the right track, as long as you don’t bring up your Ex anymore. Not showing any interest in how he is doing means that you moved on completely.

It is known that anger is a form of connection, while disinterest is a form of release. So not showing any interest is a good sign that you should be proud of! Also, if you notice that you are completely fine after your friends bring your Ex’s name, then you deserve a pat on the back. Now you are completely back on your feet!


If you are still caught in the past, there will be no enough tape to silence your mouth from bringing your ex up at any given occasion. If that’s not the case with you anymore, you have officially moved on!

It is not healthy to talk about the past relationship and the “who did this” and “why they did that”, it only forms a type of anger that causes more bleeding to your wounded heart. We understand that it is hard to let go especially if the relationship ended on bad terms.

The truth is unless you forgive the past, forgive your ex, and forgive yourself, you won’t be able to move forward. So if you still feel like talking about it, you are not ready to let go just yet!


In order to move on, you need to stop hating them and being angry at them, because these feelings are engraved upon your heart which will tie your ankles from moving on. If you feel like you are free and capable to look back and not feel anything at all towards them, especially any negative feelings, then you are healed and totally moved on.

It is important to realize after every breakup that some people are meant to be just a part of your past, not a part of your destiny. By holding on to any sort of feelings towards them, you won’t be able to break the chains that are holding you back from being free, and getting rid of these feelings doesn’t need hard work, it only needs you to accept reality as it is.


After the breakup, we may not be able to start dating again immediately or we will be overwhelmed with the feeling of guilt due to the idea of cheating on them. Although this feeling does not make sense, we can’t help but feel it when we are still hanging on our exes.

Thus, if you choose to see someone else, and during the date, you realize that you are not feeling guilty at all, then that’s a sign that you’ve officially moved on and are ready for the world to see your potentials again.

Plus, being able to date others in a healthy way simply means that you’ve fully recovered from all the wounds caused by the breakup.


The hardest part about moving on is to gain your inner peace back and clear your mind from any consuming thoughts about your ex. This one may need a little time to obtain, but one night, after you put your head on your pillow, you will realize that you did not think about your ex at all, and it will feel like you earned a magical power to cleanse your inner self from their name.

The one evidence that supports this method is when you receive a text or a phone call, you will not feel anxious that their name may be popping up on your phone screen, and your first thought is not that it could be them. This is when you know that you are finally grabbing life by the hand and living on without worrying how they are.


An important part of the healing process is to look back and reflect on the relationship in order to learn from it and understand the reasons why it failed. The tricky part is after reflecting, you will feel no regrets whatsoever about the breakup.

This is a major achievement and the most important sign that they are now nothing but a part of the past. After every breakup, we tend to think about who is “winning” the breakup, which means that you are still invested in how they are feeling and willing to care more about their life.

It is important to understand that breakups happen for a reason and the relationship was mostly just an episode from many that will still come along. It is good to not feel the urge to get back with your ex, because after all, getting back with the ex is like “wearing back your dirty underwear”.