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These are the 7 worst habits to have in the supermarket

Are you guilty of having one of these habits?

It doesn’t matter whether you go to the supermarket a couple of times a week to get some bits and bobs or you do all of your groceries for the entire week on Saturday. These bad habits will probably be familiar to all of us. We often can’t help it or do anything about it, but it’s good to be aware of it anyway.

You might just be able to unlearn some of these bad supermarket habits.

1. Poor balance

With all of those great offers in the supermarkets we always think we’re making the best and cheapest choices. This often isn’t the case, though, because supermarkets tend to put their ‘unhealthy’ products like snacks and soft drinks on offer.

Before you know it, your pantry is chock full of foods and drinks you don’t need. It’s much better to only buy products on offer that you use on a daily basis. Products like your favourite breakfast cereal or peanut butter. Also invest in quality products like extra virgin olive oil, tastier cheese and better (organic) meat.

2. Expensive premium brands

Here’s a marketing trick that works more often than not: you buy food with your eyes. Does the packaging look pretty and is the product made by a well-known premium brand? Chances are you you’ll be buying it. Try to look past the pretty packaging and the well-known brands and go shopping at a budget supermarket. Don’t make your choices based on the packaging. You’ll notice you’re still buying quality products, but you’re paying a lot less for them.

3. Out of season

Do you make your decisions in the supermarket based on what you feel like eating? Those delicious blueberries that aren’t in season but that you can’t not buy because they’re so tasty. Or that new type of chocolate bar that’s making your mouth water just thinking about it and you have to try. The answer to this bad habit is: ‘enjoy in moderation’. Try to eat along with the seasons, meaning you buy as few products that are out of season as possible.

This isn’t just better for the environment, it will also save you a lot of money. You can set yourself certain goals, for example that you can only buy one new snack in the supermarket a week.

4. Wrong time of day

Why does it always seem like everybody is in your way when you’re shopping for groceries? It’s probably because you’re doing your shopping at an unhandy time. Most people do their groceries after work, which seems like a good, efficient idea, but it actually causes quite a bit of frustration. A good tip is to check Google before you go to the supermarket. Google shows you an overview of the peak hours of a business. That way, you can do your shopping when it’s a little less busy in the supermarket.

5. Wrong queue

This seems to happen to everyone: getting in the wrong queue at checkout. All of the other queues seem to go a lot faster than yours and of course something goes wrong with the customer right in front of you. You can get angry or frustrated about this, but that’s not exactly going to help you. The solution? Very simple: just focus on something else. It might seem like you’re always in the longest queue, but this is rarely actually the case. Focus on something else and you’ll be much more relaxed.

6. No grocery list

Another bad habit lots of people have in the supermarket: going in without a grocery list. This can cause a lot of irritation, because you’re often coming home without that important product you really needed to get. A handy option is to make a list in your phone beforehand. Along with the grocery list, don’t forget to take a sturdy shopping bag. Not only will this save you money since you don’t need to buy another plastic bag every time, you’re also helping the environment. Win-win!

7. Shopping on an empty stomach

It happens to the best of us: going grocery shopping on an empty, grumbling stomach. This isn’t very good for your mood and you often end up buying a ridiculous amount of snacks because you’re so hungry. Besides this, supermarkets also make use of a sneaky marketing trick: they only have big shopping baskets available. Another reason for you to fill it up with tons of yummy products you don’t need. You might opt for taking your own, smaller, basket with you from home. We dare to bet you’ll suddenly buy a lot less!