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These Are the 9 Things That Can Make Your Clothes New Again

Oh, clothes, clothes, clothes—the ancient human tool to make a statement about oneself. We strive to be at our best in terms of the clothes that we wear, and we should! Be it men’s clothing, women’s clothing, or kids’ clothes, we go for the best clothing brands, scouring for them in clothing stores all over the city.

However, it is not always that we can afford to buy new clothes, especially that life keeps throwing new financial responsibilities at us! Therefore, in this article, we saw fit tell you about some methods you can use that will make your clothes brand new again.

These are ingenious methods that everyone should know about, if they want to keep their favorite, albeit worn-out clothes, for another year or two. We urge you to read the entire article to acquaint yourself with these nice and easy-to-apply methods!

1. Embellish Cardigans

Now, updating your clothes, in whatever manner possible, should become second nature to you. If you love to wear those cardigans, then you would love to have constant access to new ones. The best place for that is to make constant trips to thrift shops.

These are known to have a very rare and original assortment of clothes, including cardigans. Therefore, make sure that you do some thrift shopping and find an awesome cardigan sweater with which to wow your friends!

2. Resize That Baggy Sweater

If you happen to have a baggy sweater lying around in your closet, then you need to resize it and start rocking it again! Be it a normal sweater or a V neck sweater, you can definitely resize it and show your friends your skills! Now the method of resizing is pretty simple.

All you have to do is apply the following steps: First, you need to turn the sweater inside out, then put it on. As a second step, you need to locate and pin the excess garment in the sweater. Now that you have done that, all you need to do is take it off and sew along the pins. You will be amazed and ecstatic when you see the results!

3. Make That Shirt Anthro-Style

If you so much crave that anthro-style shirt, you can have it pretty easily using a little bit of effort. Now the method to realize a denim ruffle shirt, and ordinary ruffle dress shirt, or, to be more specific, that ruffle top shirt you need to use these tools:

Two matching shirts; a thread that matches with those; and some straight pins. Now you need to lay the shirt, cut it into strips, and then you need to cut those strips open from one end. Now the trick is to pull on the threads that are hanging off from the strip after you have cut it; this will make it ruffle. Arrange the strips together and sew them on the shirt that you have lying aside.

4. Refashion Winter Coat

The winter coat is one of the greatest fashion statement out there that a person can wear; therefore, if one can have a chance to refashion it and wear it as if new, then one should take that opportunity and get to work. This will ensure that a regular and old long winter coat, for example, will become the best winter coat out there. Take that women’s winter coat, for example, and add some ribbons to it. You can also change the length of the sleeves, or you can even create, from scratch, a colorful collar.

5. Make Old Jeans New

Jeans will never go out of fashion, for they are great. However, they tend to get a little old sometimes, which means that they deserve some renewing—we suggest that you put in the effort.

Now, it does not matter whether you have men’s jeans or high waisted jeans; you can easily make them new, especially if they are very worn out. All you need is some dye for the job to breathe some new life into those black jeans, for example. Take a bucket of RIT dye and put the jeans inside it. You will love the results!

6. Give New Colors to Those Scarves

You can give your scarves a new color as easily as you have done with your jeans. Now to make your custom scarves, and this applies to virtually all types of scarves, you need some dye.

Those dull-looking fall scarves, for example, by giving them the ombre look, which considered right now to be the hottest fashion trend with regards to scarves. Just take a nice bucket of Teal RIT dye and put that scarf inside it. You will love the result!

7. Add Some Pizzazz to That Purse

A purse can never leave your side—that’s a given! That is why we suggest that you give some pizzazz to that favorite purse of yours, especially if you love to rock it and it only. Now whether it’s a black purse, a white purse, or a brown wool purse, it does not matter.

You can renew it all! For example, you can add some fabric rosettes by gluing them on the purse. You can add a safety pin too that as an extra measure of security. As purses for women are versatile, you can change up the flowers depending on the season.

8. Completely Revamp Shoes

Of course, we cannot forget shoes on such a list. Any shoes, however hideous they might be right now, can be refashioned and made new if you put in the little effort needed.

Take those pink shoes that you have stopped wearing a long time ago and glue some mod podge and fabric to them. They will look wonderful. Of course, there are numerous ways in which you can carry this shoe repair, so make sure that you be creative in this endeavor.

9. Remove Stains

It sometimes happens that our favorite shirt gets some nasty stain on them, which is the most annoying thing that can happen. However, we urge you never to throw away a collared shirt, for example, because you can easily remove that stain using a potent stain remover. Never lose the shirt that is dear to your heart to a stain.

Get a stain remover for clothes and get to work! It is quite the list, but a useful one at that. Make sure, therefore, that you breathe a new life into your old garments using these easy methods.

They will make your clothes look brand new again, which means that your statement will go through to the people around you and that you will get the compliments that you deserve get to work! Before you go, tell us in the comments below about the methods you use to make your clothes look new again!