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This Is How To Stop Overthinking Everything !

Overthinking is something that most of us struggle with. It’s what keeps us awake at night. It makes us get stuck on a decision, thought, situation, and of course, in life. Life would be much simpler if we knew how not to overthink, but unfortunately, we don’t possess an on/off switch in our brains, which means that to know how to stop overthinking and relax, we need to learn how to control our minds first! If you consider yourself to be someone who overthinks a lot and truly want to know how to forget worries and be happy, keep reading to follow some of the tips we have for you!

1. Distraction Is Your Best Friend

One of the easiest and most effective ways to stop overthinking is to distract yourself! We tend to overthink in those quiet moments when we don’t have a lot to do, or we simply get caught in an introspective moment. Most of the time, this happens really late at night when you can’t really go out with friends, or play some video games to get your mind off things. But reading a book, watching a movie, or even simply writing about your feelings is a way of stress relief and distraction that will help your negative emotions to disappear. If overthinking is something that you do very often, you should consider doing some regular activities where you can enjoy yourself without worrying about your life outside those hobbies. Some of these activities may include exercising, like a simple walk on the beach or a run in the woods, drawing or painting, dancing, or meditating. The list is endless! Figure out what you enjoy doing most and make it your favorite habit! You’ll notice how helpful it can be for your mental health.

2. Be Aware Of Your Feelings

Even though getting distracted is a good way to stop overthinking, it’s also a way of running away from your feelings. Whenever you chose to get distracted, you should also be aware of what you’re distracting yourself from. The best way to fight your negative emotions is to understand what they’re about. If you’re overthinking something is because you feel uneasy about it. Figure out what the reason is. What’s in the cause? What’s keeping you awake at night? Is it fear? Of what? Losing something? Disappointing someone? Hurting yourself? Try to look at the situation from outside, look at the bigger picture, and figure out not what you’re overthinking about but why you’re overthinking it.

3. Focus On The Positive Side

Overthinking is normally caused by fear. You fear consequences and negative things that could happen, and this leads to anxiety, stress, and sometimes, even panic attacks. We’re not saying you shouldn’t think about consequences or the negative side of things, but you shouldn’t leave out the positive ones either. Instead of thinking about what could possibly go wrong, start imagining what could actually go right. Think about why you’re feeling bad, but also remember what you can feel good about. Focusing on the positive side of things is one of the simplest tips to be happy. A happy person is not filled with happiness; a happy person is aware of the negative but chooses to focus on the positive. It’s all about finding the right balance.

4. Stop Aiming For Perfection

If you truly want to know how to enjoy life to the fullest, you have to learn to accept yourself as you are, flaws and all. Overthinking is related to this idea of perfection that we possess about how we want to be, look, or see ourselves in the future. The problem is, perfection does not exist! We spend our lives aiming for a perfect life, an ideal job, house, car, family. And that’s not possible. But since when has perfection become a good thing? In your eyes, perfection should be boring. It’s the problems, the tough decisions, and the bad times that make the good stuff worth it. Life is a balance of bad and good things. It’s your job to live and survive these things in the best way you can, it will never be perfect, and it doesn’t have to be.

5. You will never be able to predict the future

The future is a mystery, and you should repeat this to yourself every night before going to sleep. The universe is in charge, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You are just one tiny person in this big world, and everything will play out as it needs to. By repeating these affirmations, out loud or in your head, you’ll notice how your anxiety will start to disappear. We’re so afraid of the future when in reality, there’s no way to predict it. It’s important to know your ambitions and desires, but don’t let that keep you from enjoying what life has to offer you now!

6. Be grateful

Want to know how to stop worrying about small things? Be grateful for the big ones. Whether that is a roof on your head or a friend to count on, we all have things to be grateful for. When you start to think about these things that you should be grateful for, you’ll feel bad about worrying or complaining about the small stuff that won’t even matter next year. Write everything that you’re grateful in your life, make a list. Keep it on your nights and or tape it to your wall facing your bed. Every time you wake up, you’ll see this list, which will leave you feeling grateful and happy.

This way, whenever you go to sleep, you’ll be falling asleep satisfied and hopeful. And whenever you’re feeling negative, sad, or mad, the list will make you feel positive, happy, and excited. Overthinking will always be a problem as long as you view it negatively. By following these tips, or shall we call them daily habits for happiness, you’ll notice how much power your mind has over how you feel. The only thing you need to do is train your mind to be productive and useful instead of negative and stressful.