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This Is How You Can Find Out When Someone Is Playing Victim

Not all people are created equal—some tend to manipulate more than others! One type of these manipulatives is the kind of people that have an affinity for playing victim, and you can find them in different kinds of relationships. Therefore, letting go of a bad relationship becomes a necessity once the victim-playing attitude turns out to be toxic and suffocating.

In this article, we are going to tell you how you can recognize a person who tends to play the victim. This type of manipulative behavior can easily be identified if once takes the time to acknowledge the telling signs that work to expose the person that is engaging in this psychological manipulation. Make sure that you take the necessary time to read the full article and inform yourself properly, for it always pays off to be aware of these people’s tricks and cut them off from your life.

Being in any kind of relationship with a person that loves to assume the role of a victim is a toxic thing, which makes leaving a toxic relationship a priority! So be careful.

1. They Always Feel Sorry About Themselves

Relationship building, be it marriage, friendship, or what have you, need time and effort; however, when the person with whom you are engaged in this type of endeavor starts exhibiting tendencies to feel sorry about themselves, then the best relationship advice would be to keep away from them because they are only playing victim, and you do not need that type of manipulation in your life. Communication in a relationship is key to its success, and having someone that feels sorry about themselves all the time is not going to help with that.

2. They Are Manipulative

Manipulation in relationships—and remember, here we refer to all types of relationships—is pretty common and takes on different guises. Many times people would try to manipulate you into thinking that they need desperate help when in truth, they don’t! These are people that like to assume the role of the victim: they are parasitic in nature, manipulative narcissists from whom you need to stay as far away as possible. If you notice that you are the object of this sick narcissist manipulation, make sure to confront the person about it!

3. They’re Akin to Emotional Vampires

The term emotional vampire refers to the person that always tries to get other people to help him or her do anything, a person who can do his or her own bidding but prefers to have others do it on his or her behalf. More importantly, this type of person refuses to take responsibility for anything and is needy all the time, thinking that the world is out to get him or her. Having such a person in your life is not one of the characteristics of a good relationship, and you need to stay off. For you, ending a toxic relationship has never been more important!

4. They Have Their Life on Hold

People who like to play the victim are dead sure that they cannot do anything to change their life. That is why you will always find them mourning their inability to change anything about their situation. They have their life on hold, and they can never find it in their guts to turn the tables and become better versions of themselves. They always have reasons as to why they are such losers, and all your attempts of helping them will go to waste. Relationship counseling might do something to help convince them you can actually help, but more often than not, leaving a bad relationship—obviously, this is one of them—is the best course of action.

5. They Like to Create Barriers

A person who plays the part of the victim by nature is a person that is really hard to get to; they have set up these huge barriers between themselves and the people around them, and it is virtually impossible sometimes to get through to them. To have such a person who acts this way in your life is not one of the signs of a healthy relationship. He or she will always make sure to never listen to anything you say, and his or her attitude is always one that is hard to bear. Healthy relationships are rare, so make sure that you stay from the ones that are not healthy!

6. They Have Difficulty Trusting People

People who play the victim are known to have difficulties trusting people. They do not have the necessary self-confidence and will never trust someone else’s judgment about anything. To be with someone such as this one is not considered being in a healthy relationship. Try as you might, with all your might, but you can never convince them that there is actually good in this world. It is, therefore, advisable that you choose the right route of letting go of a bad relationship.

7. They Constantly Compare Themselves to Others

People who assume the role of the victim are always out to compare themselves against people who are better than them in one way or another. They have very little self-confidence and do not think that they can make something out of themselves one day, which makes them spend the majority of their energy comparing themselves to other people. This constant act of self-criticism not only hurts them but can be harmful to the people around them as well. Therefore, it is best if you stay away from these types of relationships, especially if your attempts at helping them fail.

8. They Are Not Happy About Their Life

Nothing is enough for someone who has long assumed the role of the victim. However, awesome things around them might be, they will always find something to criticize, and they will never be satisfied with their life. This type of attitude can easily transfer to the people around them if they are not careful enough about avoiding it. This, in our opinion, can easily turn out into a toxic type of relationship, and getting out of a toxic relationship is always the advisable thing to do!

9. They Get into Arguments Easily

A person who plays the victim all the time in his or her life is a person that feels he or she is under constant threat, which means that they will easily get into quarrels with other people. Being around someone like that constitutes being is one of the many types of abusive relationships that are out there, and you need to start looking into how to end a toxic relationship because this is one of them!

10. They Are Irresponsible

Perhaps the most annoying trait about people who have long assumed the role of the victim, be it in relation to the world and in relation to the people around them, is the trait of being irresponsible, which is a very annoying characteristic, one that does nothing to further the life of this so-called victim person. Having someone this irresponsible in your life means being in a toxic relationship. Of course, you can look into how to fix a toxic relationship, but rarely do people succeed in making an irresponsible person responsible. Narcissistic victim syndrome is just hard to deal with, and you need to start looking into how to end a bad relationship. So yeah! These are the signs to look for if you want to identify whether a person is playing the victim or not.

These kinds of people are manipulators, and it is always better to keep as far away from them as possible, because they will only drag you down. However, if they are dear to your heart, try to change their behavior and influence them in a way that would stop them from being such victims all the time—which obviously they’re not! Before you go, tell us in the comments below whether you ever had to deal with a person who played victim all the time.