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This Is How You Can Make Your Woman Happy

Making a woman happy may seem like a hard task for men because, well, we never really express what we want and what means the most to us. But if you think about it, it is kind of men’s fault.

Most women keep teaching their men the things that make her happy day after day, but sadly, there is a barrier between males and females of understanding, the time it will be acknowledged is the time men will find it easy to make their women happy.

During my profession, a lot of men have asked one specific question: what do women need more than love, care, and respect to be happy? And I always feel honored to answer by: Most things you don’t think are important!

Since we have spent the past centuries dealing with men who can’t understand us, then be positive that any small gesture from you can make your woman happier than you have ever seen here before, and that’s because she probably stopped expecting that kind of gestures.

So if you want to surprise her and make her the happiest woman alive, click on Next to find out all the secrets that will make you “the greatest man she has ever known”.


Men can’t compliment their women every single day, that’s just their nature, and it honestly makes sense. But, that’s where the secret is, you don’t have to compliment her with the same thing over and over again because, with time, it will start to lose meaning anyway.

Instead, you need to be creative and start complimenting things that mean the most to her. Of course, her physical appearance is important, but there are more important things: her passion, ambition, her smart mind, and clever attitudes.

These are the things that will never lose meaning and will make her the happiest ever. Plus, she will appreciate it way more than you expect.


Families are always a territory that we would want to visit but we will regret doing it every single time. But, if you casually visit them, or at least asked her about them, showing an interest to see how her mother’s doing and what is her brother’s new job, then she will be thrilled.

If her family is very important to her, then seeing you care will make her very happy. If you want to top that, you can purchase something and send it to them as a gesture that you truly care about them as much as you care about her. Trust me, she will be over the moon.


We understand that males are not into expressing their emotions like females. But the thing is, women really love to hear about them. I am not saying you should start talking about your feelings every minute of every day. You can just do it moderately, and by that, I don’t mean once a month!

If you haven’t told your woman about your feelings for a long time, then sit her down right now, look her deep in the eye, and tell her how truly you feel about her. You will see the biggest smile ever, and if you are lucky, some tears will be there, too. Don’t worry, they are only tears of happiness.


I truly wish I can tattoo this same sentence on all men’s bodies, maybe then they will be able to understand it.

Let me tell you a secret: when you pay attention to those big obvious things, it is not really a big deal. It is the little things and smaller moments that count, my friend. So if she has been stressing at work, make her breakfast. If she wore her hair differently, compliment it.

All those things will mean the world to her. Plus, don’t hesitate to kiss her hands randomly throughout the day, it will only make both of you smile.


On your way home, you can make a quick stop at a store and grab a little candy bar, chips, lollipops or whatever treat she likes. It is a very small and cheap gesture, but it will truly make her happy. Can you believe it? We are not that complicated after all.

The thing about this gesture that will make her really happy is the fact that you thought of her, and you remembered which candy she loves. In case you got it wrong, then it is okay because it is the act that counts.


Forehead kisses are very meaningful and special. They show how much you care and respect the woman with you, especially if you do it in public. Plus, we truly love them. Can I get an Amen, ladies?

So when you are both out, lean into her and put a soft kiss on her forehead. When you do it, she will start to pay attention to the people around, and the more she’ll find, the better she’ll feel.

Plus, it is an adorable gesture that you should do as many times as needed. I am sure that she will appreciate them each time.


Everything you need to know about your woman has already been spoken through her body’s language, it is our way to express when we feel sad, flirty, confident, raged, and in love. So if you kept a close eye on those things, you’ll earn the key to understand her and make her happy.

On the other hand, there are some things that we can’t express them verbally, so instead, we send signals. For example, if she tried to put her head on your shoulder, then she wants a kiss (a real one!).

If she only leaned with her body, then she wants you to wrap your arm around her (and probably kiss her forehead, too!).


If you noticed that your woman is having a rough day, then the best way to help her is to do some of her chores. You can mop, sweep, do the dishes, do laundry, or at least make the bed. Anything you will do won’t go unnoticed, and she will appreciate it deeply.

In fact, if you started doing these chores without being asked, she may even forget the stress she was experiencing and feel thrilled that she got to be with an understanding man like you.


Okay, hear me out, when you pretend that you are listening but you are only nodding your head pretending to care, we know it. It is just that we got to that point where we are very tired of fighting about this subject so we will also pretend that there is someone listening to us.

The solution is: listen to her, truly! Show her by making eye contact, focusing on every word she says, and being attentive. This act will mean so much to her. Plus, she will feel special and heard by the man she loves, finally.

You may find all these signs odd and way too easy to be true, but in fact, that’s literally all what it takes to make a woman happy. We are not alien creatures, it is just we care about things that you don’t think are important, which is okay.

But your woman deserves a little appreciation and happiness from once in a while, so be emotionally generous with her.