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This Is the Right Time To Date After A Breakup!

Ending a relationship is not an easy thing. Most people tend to suffer from it for a long time while others jump right back into the dating game, sometimes because they’re over it, but most of the times they’re just looking for someone who makes them feel wanted and desired again, which is also known as a rebound relationship.

There are no rules when it comes to dating, and there’s no exact way on how to make a relationship work. It all depends on your specific situation, but most times, if something ends, there’s a reason for it.

You might not know at this exact time how you feel about new relationships, but that’s why we’re here.

Through the process of evaluating our feelings, we can make a wiser decision instead of ignoring them, and this is why we came up with a list of things you should be feeling and experiencing if you’re truly ready for love again. So are you ready to jump into a new relationship? Let’s find out!

1. You have accepted the breakup

Are you constantly looking at your phone waiting for your ex to text you? Are you still caught up in the thought that things are not over? Do you find yourself posting pictures on social media with the intuit of catching your ex’s attention? If so, then we got some bad news for you, you’re not over it nor have accepted the ending of the relationship. The first step to date again and opening a new chapter in your life is by closing the old one, and closing doesn’t mean ignoring it; it means accepting it and moving forward from it. You don’t have to own all the answers to your questions, most of them will remain a mystery, and that’s something you should accept as normal. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to have a healthy relationship in the future. Accept that it’s over and see it as a new beginning instead of a bad ending.

2. You’re at least 75% over your ex

Some might say it takes half of the time you were with someone to forget about them completely, others say it’s much more complicated than that. In the end, no magazine, tv show, or friend will know what it’s like to be in your shoes and live the things you’ve lived with someone else. And unlike what some people might say, you don’t need to be completely over your breakup to start dating again. As long as you find yourself to be extremely close to that 100%, then it’s okay to start searching for love again and going on dates. By the time you find someone who’s worth your time and worth starting a relationship for, you’ll be completely over your previous relationship. ”Ex, who?”

3. You’re just fine by yourself

If you see your life as complete and a partner as a bonus, then that’s a good sign you’re ready for a serious relationship. Ultimately, you should never feel like something is missing just because you’re single, you shouldn’t feel like you’re in the wrong, lonely or sad just because you don’t have a boyfriend. From the moment you start letting go of your previous relationship, you should also make an effort to live your best single life and make yourself the happiest person! Take dance classes, hang out with friends, go to the cinema, exercise, do whatever makes you feel good about yourself and life in general. If you’re too caught up in finding someone else, then the universe will only bring up the wrong people for you. Always stay true to yourself, and the right person will come!

4. You gained a lot of self-knowledge

Breakups are harsh, especially when you were with a toxic partner. A long term relationship with a toxic person can mess you up for a long time. You might end up leaving the relationship a lot more self-conscious about yourself and with some bad habits like smoking or doing drugs, but also selling yourself too short or not believing in yourself anymore. All of these bad habits and feelings must be worked on and deleted once you gain your life back as an independent person. You need to be in a happy relationship with yourself first to be happy with someone else, and the first step for that is acknowledging what went wrong and what you learned from it.

5. Your heart feels the urge to love again

This might sound a tiny bit corny, but everyone can tell why a certain thought is implemented in our brains. Why is the idea of finding someone new on your mind? Is it because you feel lonely? Rejected? Or is it because your heart is healed and ready to receive and give love? Do you feel butterflies whenever you see a couple on the streets? Do you picture yourself in romantic scenarios with a mysterious partner? If you answered yes to these last three questions, then maybe it’s a sign you’re ready to start dating again. As long as you have pure intentions, you can’t go wrong. Listen to what your heart has to say and don’t act on impulse. When is the right time to date after a breakup? Only you can tell. After reading this article, you should know deep inside your heart if you’re on your way to the dating world again, or if there’s still some healing left to do, and if there is, don’t worry about it. Good things come when we least expect them, so don’t rush and trust that the universe has a plan for you. All you need to do in the meantime is focus on having a happy and healthy long-lasting relationship with yourself!