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This is why you should always wash new clothes before wearing them for the first time

There are many reasons why you should always wash new clothes first

Yes, we know the feeling. You’ve just bought a super nice new dress or shirt, so you want to wear it right away. Nevertheless, we ask you to have a little bit more patience and wash the item of clothing first before you wear it. Wearing unwashed new clothes isn’t very clean. So, next time you’ve bought new clothes, throw them in the hamper right away!

Trying it on

The first reason is pretty obvious: a lot of people have touched the item of clothing in the store and there were probably a couple of people before you who tried it on. Because of this, the clothes get dirty pretty quickly, since they get covered with several different people’s sweat and bacteria. Besides, there are quite a lot of people who throw the clothes down on the floor when they’re in the fitting room, which means the clothes have been on the dirty, dusty floor when you put them on.


The biggest reason why you should be washing your new clothes is because of the chemical substances the clothes are treated with. The manufacturers use these chemicals to make sure the clothes don’t crease as much when they’re on their way from the factory to the storanes and it also helps to keep out vermin on board the ship or the truck used to transport the clothes. These chemicals can cause pretty bad irritation for your skin!


Do you have sensitive skin? Then you should always wash new clothes, because they might contain formaldehyde, which can cause red spots and rashes. The clothes might also have a chemical smell about them. So, have you bought a new shirt? Throw it right in the hamper. This way you can shine in your new outfit without any rashes or chemicals on your body.


Is your skin not that sensitive or do you simply not care? That’s possible. But a lot of experts do recommend washing your children’s clothes before letting them wear it. That’s because small children don’t do well with these aggressive chemical substances. Protect your children’s skin by washing new clothes first.