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Top 11 Best Uses For Baby Wipes

Do you need to have a baby to use baby wipes? Of course not! And if you don’t usually buy them at the supermarket, after reading all these baby wipes hacks, they’ll be the first item on your shopping list!

After all, what’s so good about baby wipes? They smell good, are inexpensive, and they have amazing uses that you’re about to find out, so keep reading!

1. They Help Reduce Frizzy Hair

Hair frizz control can be quite hard to manage. If you own naturally frizzy hair, it probably takes a long time for you to “tame” it and a lot of specific products like special hair shampoo and conditioner, a good mask, and a lot of creams! But on a rushed day, all this might seem like a lot!

What you have to do if you’re on the run is grab one of these baby wipes and run them through your hair. It won’t hold for too long, so keep them near you during the day.

2. Hairspray On Your Wood Furniture? Use Baby Wipes!

If you want to know a simple and effective way on how to clean wood surfaces, search no more! Most products might work for cleaning such surfaces, but they end up damaging the actual wood.

With baby wipes, you’ll be able to remove food stains or hairspray stains in seconds!

3. They Get Your Leather Shoes Shining

If you own a pair of leather shoes, you likely use certain creams to keep their shine, but compared to baby wipes, they can be a lot more expensive in the long run.

Baby wipes are infused with gentle soap, so they clean nicely. Besides, they usually have some moisturizing agents in them too, so it treats the leather and gives it a noticeable shine.

4. You Can Use Its Box As Storage

If you want to recycle these wipes boxes, you can! They can make great boxes for small items like pencils, elastics, and many other accessories. All you have to do is put a label in each box, so you know what’s inside without having to open them all.

Why waste money on boxes when you can transform items you already own?

5. They Make Great Electrical Outlet Covers

You might be wondering: why do I need covers for my electrical outlet? The answer is you don’t. But if you have kids or you’re known for constantly spilling drinks, maybe these could be a creative and safe way to protect yourself from possible dangerous outcomes.

All you have to do is remove the lid from the baby wipe box and fix it in the electrical outlets.

6. Wrap Them In Your Dust Mop

A dust mop is usually used with specific floor wipes, that are way more expensive than baby wipes. And the truth is, they do the exact same! So every time you run out of these wipes, you won’t have to run to the store to get more. Use baby wipes instead!

7. Use Them To Clean Your PC Keyboard And Many Other Items

Many baby wipes contain anti-bacterial properties, so besides being able to clean everyday use items, they can also disinfect them. They can be folded, so they clean your phone or get into the tight spaces of your computer keyboard.

They’re great options for maintaining a clean keyboard and also clean other electronic devices since they won’t cause them any damage.

8. Baby Wipes Make Great Makeover Removers

Picture this, you have your full outfit on, and you’re about to do your makeup, you end up dropping just a little bit of foundation on your shirt, but it’s too late to change outfits so what do you do? Most of us would probably just put some water in it, rub it a bit and try to ignore the makeup stains thorough the day.

But what if you’re wearing white laundry? Makeup stains could be quite hard to ignore, so how to remove makeup from clothes? First step: don’t let it dry, act quickly, second and last step: use a baby wipe to remove the excess and rub it with the other clean side of the wipe.

9. Use These Cleaning Wipes As Envelop Glue

We don’t care if you have one letter you want to send or a thousand of them, closing envelopes using your saliva is pretty gross and unnecessary. Glue even though it sounds better, it still has a very strong poisonous smell! The solution? A piece of cake!

Just grab baby wipes and use them to close the envelope. The wipe wets the sealing strip, which makes it much more hygienic than all previous options.

10. Substitute Your Gym Towel With Baby Wipes

Gym towels are obligatory in every gym for obvious reasons: hygiene. After all, when using all the types of equipment, it’s very likely they contain bacteria from previous people using it.

None of us want to sit on someone else’s sweat; that’s why we use a towel as a protective layer. But if you’re familiar with exercising, you’d know towels don’t end up protecting you at all. They fall very easily, and normally we don’t lay them always with the same side to our body.

Meaning, you’re just transferring the germs and sweat to your towel and then to your body. Carrying baby wipes and cleaning gym equipment with them might look weird in a gym, but because they have antibacterial properties, they are instantly a better option, plus, they smell great!

11. Car Window Shades Can Be Cleaned With It

That’s right! Don’t be afraid to use baby wipes in your window blinds or window shades. Baby wipes work great in every type of window, from your car to your house, it’s totally safe to use them, they won’t cause any weird spots or damage the glass whatsoever.

Now that you’re aware of all of these amazing alternative uses for baby wipes, don’t be afraid to put these life hacks to the test! It’s very likely you already own baby wipes for some reason, so why not give them a try and use them for multiple purposes?