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Top 13 Surprising Things You Can Do with Vaseline!

Like hydrogen peroxide, bandages, ointments for burns, Vaseline is a product that you should always have in the first aid box at home. And this is because there are different uses for vaseline.

Vaseline is excellent for skin health, brightens everyday objects, helps in hair treatment, and in removing stains (oil, wax, lipstick), among other practical applications.

It is, without a doubt, a mandatory object for you to have at home. If you are still not convinced, know what to do with vaseline and surrender once and for all to a product that will help you get rid of countless difficulties or embarrassing situations. The 13 amazing things you can do with vaseline are on this list, so read ahead!

1. Caring For Dry Skin, Blemishes, and Other Skin Problems

One of the most effective ways to take care of your skin’s health and treat dry skin, blemishes, and other dermatological problems is to use petroleum jelly. It is a fantastic product that can be placed on the face and body that makes the skin much softer and brighter – it is a face moisturizer of choice.

It is recommended that you apply petroleum jelly before bedtime (like a night cream) so that the next day your appearance will be splendid.

2. Do a Body Scrub

We all want to have a skin that looks shiny and hydrated, and this is possible if you do a body scrub with the help of petroleum jelly. You can do it at home to save a few tens of dollars, as the results will be almost the same.

Just mix petroleum jelly with sugar or sea salt for that feeling of scraping on the skin. Then only apply the mix on the cracked skin in circular movements and massage for some time. When you are finished, your skin will be clearer and brighter.

3. Soften Your Lips

Most of the time, and not just in the coldest seasons of the year, you have dry lips or chapped lips for several different reasons (food, temperature fluctuations, or even poor hygiene).

So that it is not so visible, people usually use the scallop lipstick to combat these signs. But, they can also use vaseline – even because it manages to soften the skin of the lips even more.

4. Treating a Cracked Nose from Blowing So Much

In winter, it is very common for people to have a cold or runny nose due to the bad weather conditions that are felt at this time of year. Naturally, you always have a tissue in your hand to clean and blow your nose.

The problem is that from blowing so much, the nose is swollen and with several cracks. Avoid that by applying petroleum jelly on the cracked areas of the nose to treat dry and parched skin in this region.

5. Take Care of Blisters on Your Feet

When the shoes are new, it is natural that you would suffer from blister pain, especially in the area of the heels and toes. Many shoe manufacturers say that this happens due to lack of use, but the truth is that sometimes, and after several uses, they continue to hurt the feet and the fingernails.

For both situations, it is recommended that you put some petroleum jelly in the area of the shoe that is hurting you so that the blisters on your feet do not burst. If the shoes are too tight, then there is no solution but to replace them.

6. Define the Appearance of the Eyebrows

As you read this article, you become more aware of the importance of vaseline for your body’s health. In this particular case, the fact that petroleum jelly is very useful in the treatment and definition of soft eyebrows is highlighted.

This tip is fantastic for all women who are concerned with the appearance of their eyebrows and the way they match their eye makeup. With petroleum jelly, you no longer have this concern. Just spread a little petroleum jelly on your finger and rub it over your eyebrows, so they are always flawless.

7. Add Shine to Hair

Everyone likes to have special hair care since many people have dry hair with split ends, thinning hair, or frizzy hair. To care better for your hair health, add a small amount of petroleum jelly to the top layer of your hair so that your hair strands always look clean and shiny.

This will also make the scalp healthier, and the hair strands firmer than ever, promoting shiny hair to make anyone envy. Eliminate Ink Stains on the Skin: If you are one of those people who dye your hair at home, know that petroleum jelly will help you in this mission.

By placing a small amount of petroleum jelly around the hairline, you will be able to prevent the dye stains from getting etched on your skin. Many hairdressers do not take this care, and this is seen on the surface of the scalp when you lift the strands of hair.

Take this precaution and avoid skin stains. Remove the Chewing Gum from the Hair: This tip is aimed at all mothers who have already been victims of their children’s pranks and blunders.

Which of the moms never got gum in their hair? Take a deep breath (it is not worth punishing your child for this) because it is an easy problem to solve. And you don’t even need to go to your hair salon.

How to remove gum from home? Place a small piece of petroleum jelly on your hair and massage the hair strands through your fingers for the chewing gum to come out naturally.

8. Preserve the Perfume Smell for Longer

One of the greatest benefits of vaseline is related to the fact that it preserves the perfume scent on the body for a longer time. Put a drop of petroleum jelly on your wrists or neck area and then spray your perfume.

This will make the perfume smell stay in the body for a longer period, contributing to better self-esteem and confidence in your workplace, for example.

9. Taking Care of Your Pets’ Dry Paw Pads

Are you one of those people who care a lot about the health of your pets? Sometimes, you even care more about their health than your own? Then you will like to know that petroleum jelly is very useful for the comfort and quality of life of your four-legged friends.

If your pet’s paw is dry and dehydrated, it’s time to use petroleum jelly as a product to soften his skin. If you are a dog lover, don’t let your best friend’s dry dog, paws cause him discomfort.

Always be attentive and use petroleum jelly to care for your animals – even if you force them to wear a collar, so they don’t lick themselves.

10. Loosen a Finger Ring

Have you ever had trouble taking a ring off your finger? With petroleum jelly, this is no longer a problem. Just put a little petroleum jelly on your finger, a9 nd the ring will move from side to side and come out naturally.

11. Reduce the Effects of Diaper Rash

One of the brilliant uses of vaseline is that it can be used to reduce the effects of a diaper rash. Nobody is free to get burned by touching a hot pan that may be on the stove or by placing their hand in too hot water, among other types of more severe burns.

In this sense, the best way for you to prevent diaper rash is to have a tube of petroleum jelly at home always to be alert to all circumstances.

12. Fix Scratches On Wooden Furniture

Vaseline is also widely used as a stain remover and for correcting scratches on furniture or other wooden furniture, you have at home. Just apply a small dose of petroleum jelly over the affected area and let it sit for 24 hours. The next day, your worked furniture or wooden object will look practically new.

13. Lubricate Drawers, Windows and Sliding Doors

Are you one of those people who always have a hard time opening the drawers, windows, and sliding doors at home? Most of the time, do you need to apply a lot of force to open them because they are too loose and do not slide easily?

This problem is easy to solve: one of the best life hacks to fix it is to apply petroleum jelly on the respective rails. At first, you will still notice some resistance. But, after the rails are well oiled, you must be careful that these objects do not come out at great speed from your hands.

As you can confirm, there are many extraordinary things you can do with the help of petroleum jelly. What are you waiting for to get your bottle of petroleum jelly? Buy yours now and keep it close at hand because you never know when you will need it.