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Top 8 Amazing Ways to Reuse Old Light Bulbs!

What do you do with the blown lamps at home? You just throw them in the trash or put them in the glass? It is such a waste because the old light bulbs are extraordinary accessories that you can reuse for countless purposes and in many creative and original ways.
How to reuse old light bulbs? Get to know the top 8 surprising and amazing ways to reuse old light bulbs and give them a new life in the composition and decoration of your home. Find out everything right away!

1. Make a Fruit Bowl

One of the best ways to recycle light bulbs is to use them unpretentiously in the decoration and composition of your interior space. You can, for example, make a centerpiece with a fruit bowl full of pears, which is actually a centerpiece with old light bulbs. To do so, it is quite easy, and you only need glue, string, and some patience. Start by putting adhesive on the outer glass of the lamp and then wrap it with string. Note that the cord must be securely tied so that there are no loose ends. Finally, add a little branch so that the respective lamp acquires the real shape of a pear. Repeat this procedure for the lamps/pears you understand and build a rustic and original fruit bowl that will attract the attention of everyone who enters your home.

2. Build Floating Bulb Vases

Another excellent way to reuse light bulbs is to build vessels of floating bulbs, and they can have different shapes and sizes. You need to get rid of all the filament inside the lamps, fill them with the most beautiful and delicate flower bulbs, and leave them suspended in a particular room in the house. The final effect will be fantastic because as the bulbs grow, the home decor of your interior space will have more green, vibrant and natural colors. Capim Santo is a plant that produces a spectacular visual effect – and can be used in the treatment of various diseases.

3. Build an Original Aquarium

Some people use old televisions to build an aquarium for their fish. But you can be more creative and go further than that. Why not make a fish tank inside a lamp? It is one of the best ways to reuse light bulbs and is an original and welcoming home for your fish. To do so, you must choose a large lamp, remove all its contents and put a little of the world under the oceans inside – miniatures of anchors, old ships, rudders, artificial plants, among other objects.

4. Make a Terrarium with Your Favorite Landscape

One of the best ways to use old light bulbs is to make a terrarium that you can replace inside the house – and it can be representative of your favorite landscape. You need to remove all the contents of the lamp and, with the help of tweezers, put small plants, toys, sand, moss, earth, or other elements that you want to work and highlight inside. In the end, use it as a room decoration object. Terrariums usually work very well in decorating an office, as they give a more natural look to a more sober and professional environment.

5. Make a Scented Light Bulb Oil Lamp

How to recycle light bulbs? There are several ways to do this, but one of the most appreciated is turning your old light bulbs into scented lamps. It’s very easy to make, and you only need to have an oil lamp and essential oils – lavender scents your entire home. Make a DIY oil lamp by combining the oil lamp with your favorite essential oil. Then, you need to soak a string in this preparation and stretch the wick to the entrance of the lamp. Make two or three and spread them all over the house so that it is always fragrant.

6. Prepare the Best Christmas Decorations

What to do with old light bulbs? Use them to prepare the best (and most original) Christmas decorations. There are various shapes and sizes of lamps, which means that you have more decoration options for this holiday season. You can paint the old lamps gold, silver or other colors and use them to decorate the Christmas tree or even a centerpiece. You can also draw and paint animations on the lamps (snowmen, reindeer, and stars, among other Christmas symbols) and spread them around the house to further highlight the party atmosphere. And many other things that light bulb recycling allows you to do. Prepare these decorations with children, and they will love it!

7. Build a Natural Snow Globe

Do you remember those snow globes that have a snowman? So why not make yours inside a burnt out bulb? If you want to know how to recycle light bulbs, this is one of the best life hacks to do it, and it is quite simple – you need to have steady hands and be quite creative. Empty the contents of the burnt-out lamp, use polymer clay and glue the snowman or other object that you want to detach at the bottom of the respective lamp. Don’t forget to put small pieces of Styrofoam in your snow globe so that when you shake it, snow will fall insides the globe!

8. Make Hot Air Balloons with the Burnt-Out Lamps

Are light bulbs recyclable? Of course, and the proof of that is that you can make them into hot air balloons, for example, and use them in the decoration of a given space or event. The shape of a round lamp is ideal for this and allows you to build the most original hot air balloons in the world. That way, you can paint the burnt-out lamps according to your tastes and preferences.

Do this DIY project with your child and use glues, glitters, and varnishes to get the best results. As you can see, there are extraordinary uses for old light bulbs that you can have at home. Do not throw them away and reuse them for other purposes, namely in the decoration of the house. Besides, the act of reusing old burnt-out lamps can be an enjoyable activity for you and your child. So what are you waiting for to reuse yours?