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Top 8 Bathroom Items You Should Clean or Replace ASAP!

For many people, the best time of the day is when they get home, after a tiring day at work, open the shower and feel the hot water falling on their heads and running through their bodies. It seems that the stress and worries of the day are over at that moment, isn’t it? Is it the same for you? We believe so since this is a unique moment of relaxation for your intimate hygiene.

However, so that this moment is not interrupted or spoiled, your bathroom must be impeccably clean and organized. The bathroom towels, the bathtub, the shower bench, the shower, the bathroom mirror, and the toilet are the objects in the bathroom that people usually clean and disinfect. But there are other bathroom items you should definitely clean or replace ASAP.

1. Watch Your Feet – Watch out for Bath Mats

How many times have you not felt the bathroom mat damp or wet when you step out of the bathtub? They must have been several times because bath mats take a long time to dry after they have become damp or wet since air does not circulate in this room. In that sense, and because they are in a humid and closed environment, you should keep in mind that the bathroom rugs are prone to the formation of fungi, mold, and mildew.

To avoid this, always wash the bathroom rugs or replace them with new ones when they are damp or wet. It would help if you also did the same about curtain cleaning since that is the only way you will be in a germ-free environment. Your feet will thank you.

Tip: If your bathroom carpet has a rubber back, it should be facing upwards so that it is completely dry.

2. Rate Your Loofah Sponge

Like the bathroom mat, the loofah sponge attracts and accumulates all kinds of bacteria, fungi, germs, and dead skin tissues from previous baths. This is because the sponges are always indoors or in humid environments – most of the time, they are in the bathtub itself, and such places are where microorganisms thrive.

The ideal would be to leave the plugs properly dry in the bathroom shelves, for example. However, this does not mean that you should not replace them regularly. It would be best if you replaced your loofah sponge every month to avoid skin infections or other skin problems resulting from bacteria and germs.

3. Hairbrush: What State Is It In?

Whenever you run the hairbrush through the scalp, it is natural that the weakest strands of hair will break and tangle in the brush. The fact that your hair is weaker and tends to break, it might be due to many things: including burnout, stress at home, health problems, sleep or eating problems, etc.

However, in addition to broken hair strands, it is also common to find dust, dirt, oils, doubtful product residues, and even mites on your hairbrush. In that sense, you must clean your hairbrush regularly so as not to contaminate your scalp with these microorganisms.

Do it every week with the help of hot soapy water and use a clean toothbrush that is in your toothbrush holder to clean the base of the bristles. Only then will your hairbrush always be in optimal condition.

4. Use a Disinfectant on the Toilet Brushes

Toilet brush is one of the essential objects in a bathroom that cleans up the area where more germs and bacteria accumulate. That is why you should regularly dip toilet brushes in hot water with bleach – the best bathroom disinfectant – so that all impurities and microorganisms are removed.

After drying, you must place them in the respective support, but do not forget to wash them with plenty of bleach beforehand. There’s no use putting a clean toilet brush on a dirty support!

5. Don’t Forget To Clean the Toilet Handle

Most people forget to clean the toilet handle properly every time they use the bathroom. And this is because people want to immediately wash their hands in the sink after cleaning the toilet bowl, completely ignoring the fact that bacteria, germs, or other microorganisms remain in the toilet handle.

Wipes are an extraordinary asset in bathroom cleaning, and you can use them every day to carry out your most intimate hygiene tasks, such as cleaning the toilet handle.

6. Avoid Dirty Makeup Brushes

The ladies know this better than anyone: dirty makeup brushes can be the main culprits of blemished skin. You always need to maintain and wash makeup brushes with soft bristles so that you can have a radiant and captivating face. In that sense, you should wash them every two weeks with soap bar (don’t forget to store it correctly in the soap dispenser so that there is no waste), baby soap, or other neutral liquid soap.

Then, let the makeup brushes dry in the open air. Avoid drying them with the dryer so that the bristles won’t become rough. Only then will you be able to get rid of bacteria, oils, and dead skin cells in makeup brushes.

7. Protect Yourself from Razor Blades

If women master makeup brushes, men are more comfortable with razor blades. Many men use disposable razors to the limit until the blades start to rust. And this is not a good thing because razors, as well as shaving brush, accumulate bacteria, fungi, and other types of microorganisms that can be harmful to your skin’s health.

Redness often appears in the neck or mustache area, and this may be due to the razor blade you are using. Always wash your razor regularly (preferably with isopropyl alcohol) and always get rid of disposable blades after each use.

8. Control Your Expired Medication

Has that pain medication that you have kept in your bathroom pharmacy expired yet? Usually, those types of medication last for up to 24 to 36 months. You must pay attention to the expiration date on your medications to avoid any health complications. To know how to clean your bathroom perfectly, you must first get rid of all this expired medication because they just become clutter.

Tip: Read the medication label to find out the safest disposal method or take it to the nearest pharmacy. They will know what to do. In addition to the big bathroom items that you must clean, we’ve shown you the small bathroom items you should definitely clean or replace ASAP because only then will your home be truly clean and safe! Take care of your bathroom and get rid of all threats that may affect your health!