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What Men Want In Their Relationships But Can’t Say

You might think that men are complicated or difficult to understand but you’re actually too busy reading too much into something they did or say that you’re missing the real deal. Yes, men can be misunderstood! Actually, you may get surprised at how simple some of the things your man is trying to communicate to you, but because you probably overthink or become too focused on your own needs, you miss the whole point! Remember that it takes two to tango, so if your partner is the only one putting on the efforts (or giving more), your relationship lacks balance. No, seriously, ask yourself if you’re truly listening to your partner or giving proper nurturing as much as he does for you. If you want to have a happy and fulfilling relationship with the man in your life or with whoever enters your life in the future, take a look at this list of things men want in a relationship but might be too embarrassed to talk about.

This is what men want:

1. What men want: He wants you to praise him

Look, I’m not telling you to give your man meaningless praise when you don’t even mean it because that gets old fast. Like women, men can tell when you’re being “fake,” so just be yourself and be genuine about how you feel. If you feel affectionate towards your man and praise just sort of comes out of your mouth naturally, don’t hold back! Your man will appreciate it when his efforts are appreciated! What men want? It can be as small as a “thank you” or if he went out of his way to do something for you, you can simply say, “[insert pet name!], thank you for picking me up today” or “I really appreciate it when you get me chocolates out of nowhere!”

2. What men want: He wants some adventure

Routine can make you feel comfortable, but being too comfortable can kill the excitement. In other words, routine kills romance! Your man may not be as expressive as you, but if you remember him mentioning something about “getting bored” or wanting to “try something new,” don’t just brush it off. Also, don’t always expect your man to take the lead and show you new places or suggest new activities. You can take the lead and your man to a new adventure. That will ignite romance and keep your long-term relationship from becoming stagnant/boring.

3. What men want: He wants to eat the food you cook

Yeah, yeah, the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach, etc. Look, no matter how old or outdated the saying is, it still holds true. You might argue, “but I already have his heart!” and it might be true, but there really is nothing more precious and pure than watching the pure joy on your partner’s face as he devours a dish you made for him. Your man may not want to burden you or may hesitate to ask you to cook for him and wish for it silently, so surprise him with a delicious dish once in a while or make some flavorful tea for both of you and watch how it’ll work like magic!

4. What men want: He wants to be strong for you

What men want is to feel strong and confident around their women. If you can do everything around the house by yourself, that’s great. It means that you can survive in this world relying on yourself! But, if you can’t do some tasks that require more strength than what you have and still stop your man from helping you, that just means you’re too proud. Your man will appreciate you more if you show confidence in him and his strength. If he offers to help you out with something, don’t deny him that. Just think about it, when you see your partner struggling with something, do you instantly try to help, or do you just keep watching his struggle?! Of course, you go running to help, and so is does your man, so there is nothing wrong with needing his help. Care and support are what make relationships beautiful so have some faith in your boyfriend/fiancé/husband!

5. What men want: He wants to feel safe

It’s not just women who want to feel secure or “safe” emotionally in a relationship, men do too. Your man wants to feel like he can open up about anything and not be judged for how he feels and thinks. He wants to be completely himself and be comfortable enough to show you his vulnerabilities and inner child. Your man wants to feel home when he is with you, so be that for him, and you both will have a long-lasting relationship built on solid trust and understanding. That is what men want! If you are in a stable and happy long-term relationship, count yourself blessed, but if your relationship is starting to get rocky, you can work on it together. Don’t be too focused on your need that you become blind to your partner’s. Yours will become a healthy relationship as long as the affections are mutual!